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Literature is one of the arts most valued by Muslims. Medieval Muslims fostered the art known as adab, which came to imply the sum of intellectual knowledge that makes a man courteous and urbane. Adab encompasses various literal and metaphorical meanings. Conventionally, adab has been used to refer to the profane literature as distinct from ʿilm, which refers to the religious has been defined to include the “best” of what had been said in the form of verse, prose, and anecdotes on every subject which an educated man, an adīb, is supposed to El Cheikh, Nadia Maria. One term for this is aprtiestens.tkgh today adab denotes literature generally, in earlier times its meaning included all that a well-informed person had to know in order to pass in society as a cultured and refined individual. This meaning started with the basic idea that adab was the socially accepted ethical and moral quality of an urbane and courteous person'; thus adab can also denote the.

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adab literature


Arabic Literature, Medieval Arabic Literature, Eloquence, Adab Literature Studio sulla letteratura di adab - traduzione di alcuni capitoli dell'adab al-mujalasah di Ibn 'Abd Study on adab literature - Translation (arabic>italian) of some chapters from Ibn 'Abd al-Barr's "adab al-mujalasah" (the good manners in the meetings). Literature published by A.A. World Services, Inc. is a resource for the recovering alcoholic and for anyone who wants to find out about Alcoholics Anonymous, its history and how it works. General Service Conference-approved literature reflects the group conscience of the Fellowship of A.A. and includes the book Alcoholics Anonymous. In Arabic the term for “literature” in the narrow English sense is adab, best translated by the French term belles-lettres (“beautiful letters”), which conveys the combination of the aesthetic and didactic elements found in adab more effectively than does the English term literature. However, it .