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Free Airline Business Plan For Raising Capital from Investors, Banks, or Grant Companies! Please note that the financials in this complete free business plan are completely fictitious and may not match the text of the business plan below. This free business plan demonstration purposes aprtiestens.tk you are interested in purchasing the completed editable MS Word and Excel documents for this business. Business Plan: Ryanair in the United States. 2 Abstract: Traveling within the United States is extremely costly. Low-cost airlines suchas Southwest Airlines do exist but they do not provide the prices and efficiency that Ryanair, a United Kingdom based airline, does. Traveling. Airline Visions provides a comprehensive list of services ranging from “dream” stage to day one commercial operations and beyond. We manage the different phases of air carrier development including, but not limited to, the following: • Development of the airline business plan.

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Click here to view this full business plan. Market factors favor inauguration of a new airline to meet the demand for additional, higher-quality passenger and cargo service linking Western Europe with the rapidly expanding markets of Southeastern Europe and Turkey, airlines business plan, and linking Southeastern European destinations, via Western European hubs, to trans-Atlantic and global destinations.

This new airline will base its business and marketing strategies on achieving high, airlines business plan, and profitable, load factors through absorption of unmet demand in three key air-traffic categories: unserved and under-served routes on which high unmet demand currently exists or can be readily developed; serving key niche markets where airlines business plan is either unmet or poorly served; and meeting peak traffic demands on certain key regional, seasonal, and variable routes where very high load factors can be predicted despite existing but lower-quality competition, or where competition cannot meet the demand.

In addition, the proposed new airline will be designed around, and operated utilizing, the most up-to-date electronic, informational, airlines business plan, and aviation technologies to ensure low operating and marketing costs, maximum efficiency in deployment of its resources, airlines business plan, and a high level of customer service and convenience.

The six key characteristics leading to the success and profitability of this new carrier will be:. BalkConsortairlines business plan, a U. BalkConsort, together with its partner companies and associations throughout the countries of Southeast Europe and beyond, identifies business and profit opportunities and develops projects and strategic partnerships to implement and benefit from them. Due to current European Union requirements that E. This organizational and management team, which is described in greater detail in the section of the business plan dealing with the Management Team, will help reduce the risk and ensure the success of the proposed new carrier, airlines business plan.

By utilizing the latest aviation, airlines business plan, electronic, and informational technologies, and by designing effective and efficient systems and building in quality control from the outset, we aim to ensure the highest level of service, operations, and safety, all based around the needs, wants, comfort, and convenience of the passenger and the cargo client.

This combination of technology, service orientation, and quality oversight will help keep costs at a minimum and maximize profits to the airline and its investors. It also will help build the strong customer satisfaction and excellent reputation that will enable the airline to build solid, and crucially important, interline arrangements necessary to expand its scope and customer attraction in the early stages, and which will lead to continued long-term growth both within the target market area and, looking toward the future, beyond.

In descending order of importance, the five critical keys to success for the proposed new regional airline are:. The plan for the envisaged new regional airline is an outgrowth airlines business plan the market research and regional experience of Balkan Consortium Holdings USA, Inc. BalkConsortgarnered over a nearly three-year period, beginning in mid BalkConsort, which is proposing to found the new airline, is a U. BalkConsort, together with its partner companies and associations throughout the countries of Southeast Europe and beyond, identifies key business and profit opportunities airlines business plan develops projects and strategic partnerships to implement and benefit from them.

Early on following its establishment in the region in mid, BalkConsort identified a growth opportunity in the aviation airlines business plan travel sector in Southeast Europe.

This opportunity is occasioned by growing economic, airlines business plan, political, and social stability, and consequent significant business expansion, within and between most of the countries of the region; vastly expanded outside contact and support with and for the region, occasioned by the aftermath of the Bosnia and Kosovo conflicts; extensive UN, NATO, and other international-organization operations in the region; and such multilateral initiatives as the Stability Pact for Southeast Europe, the Southeast Europe Cooperative Initiative, and the Southern Balkan Initiative.

Additionally, the company has determined that maximum potential from this growth opportunity can be obtained not only by linking certain key destinations within the Southeast European region, but by linking the region with carefully selected destinations in Western Europe and beyond. Ancillary Travel Services In response to the growing travel-market potential of the region, represented in particular by the large expatriate community living and working in parts of the region, including Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, and Albania, BalkConsort established Hassle-Free Holidays, a package-travel wholesaler and retailer, in mid The company owns 50 percent of a private U.

The joint-venture company is set up to undertake primarily public road and street construction and reconstruction projects, as well as general construction and development projects, in Albania. It also is considering tendering, either on its own or more likely in conjunction with a major international engineering and construction firm, for the build-operate-transfer BOT concession the Government of Albania will let for the planned new passenger terminal for Rinas Tirana Airlines business plan Airport.

Airlines business plan addition, BalkConsort also holds exclusive license rights to two advanced U. These technologies, combined with other building technologies, products, and methodologies the company and associated companies represent, can offer significant advantages to the new airline should it pursue, either on its own or in conjunction with BalkConsort, development and construction of new passenger- baggage- and cargo-handling facilities and other related installations.

Legal relationship and company status of the new airline BalkConsort intends to spin-off the proposed new airline operating company into a separate legal entity under the airlines business plan partial ownership and general oversight of BalkConsort, acting as a holding company. Investments in the new airline may be made either through BalkConsort, as a share of its total capital holdings, through airlines business plan E, airlines business plan.

Since current E. According to its overall organizational plan, airlines business plan, BalkConsort anticipates reorganizing itself into an off-shore holding company BC Holdings International Ltdmost likely registered in Anguilla, airlines business plan, and transferring the current share ownership of Balkan Consortium Holdings USA, Inc.

The corporate organizational plan then calls for the establishment of a daughter marketing company in the E, airlines business plan. This daughter company BalkConsort EU may own all or part of the new airline operating company, provided that majority ownership in the airline meets E. It is anticipated that the new airline operating company will be airlines business plan as a limited-liability company in one or more E.

For airlines business plan, registering and basing the company in Luxembourg may offer significant tax, as well as logistic, advantages to the new airline. Meanwhile, it may be necessary to register a subsidiary company in another country, such as Switzerland for example, to obtain necessary landing rights or slots in that country.

Furthermore, airlines business plan, if — as is being considered and is detailed elsewhere in this business plan — the airline acquires British-built aircraft, it may be advantageous from the perspective of obtaining British export financing to base the company outside the U. Additional AOCs may be obtained by subsidiary carrier companies established outside the Airlines business plan. The final company structure, including ownership arrangements, national company registrations and AOCs, and basing, will be determined based on consultation and negotiation between BalkConsort and prospective investors, and with the expert guidance of its project airlines business plan of tax, business, and aviation advisors and consultants, and others as may be needed, airlines business plan.

It is anticipated that a portion of the ownership in the new airline operating company will be held by BC Holdings International Ltd, most likely through an E.

Investment in the new airline operating company may be made directly in the airline operating company or through investment in BC Holdings International or its E. However, as previously airlines business plan, the majority ownership stake in the new airline must be held by E.

AOC, considered an essential element of the overall organizational plan. BalkConsort is prepared to discuss and negotiate specific ownership arrangements in detail with prospective investors. Equity requirements are discussed in the Start-up Summary that follows. For planning purposes, any subsidiary airline companies established by the parent airline airlines business plan company, as described in the previous section, shall be considered to be wholly owned subsidiaries of the parent airline operating company, although individual sub-ownership arrangements may be made in individual cases of such subsidiary companies, particularly in cases where local ownership interests might be required by prevailing law in the countries in question.

It is anticipated that subsequently BC Holdings Ltd. Financial, airlines business plan, traffic, and other studies currently are underway to determine the optimal prime basing location for the proposed new airline, airlines business plan. Among the locations under study are the airlines business plan eight:, airlines business plan. In selecting a location to base the new airline, the following 11 major considerations are being evaluated, airlines business plan, in roughly descending order of relative airlines business plan. It is anticipated that most routine maintenance will be performed at the base location, with some more minor maintenance and repairs relegated to other locations in the route network, airlines business plan.

In both cases, most of this routine maintenance and repair work will be contracted out to established and experienced service providers, reducing the need for the new airline to maintain its own extensive maintenance and repair teams and facilities. The airline will, airlines business plan, perform its own normal line maintenance at home base and will utilize locally available services away from home. Aircraft also may be based at key airline hub locations away from the home business base as well.

In addition, it is anticipated airlines business plan separate fixed-cost maintenance agreements will be entered into for both the airframes and the engines, or these elements will be airlines business plan in any dry-leasing arrangements entered into. Estimates for total labor and spare parts costs have been calculated as a fixed per-hour cost and included in the portion of this business plan dealing with anticipated operating costs.

Sufficient apron and hangar space for staging, parking, and storing, as needed on a short-term basis, up to the entire initial five-aircraft fleet will be required at the base location and any other hub locations selected. As the fleet expands over time, additional parking and storage space will be needed either at the main base location or at regional hubs in the airline route network.

As demonstrated throughout this business plan, it is clear that a strong growth potential exists for the future, and the airline will gear itself toward airlines business plan, well-based growth and solid financial and business planning. The proposed new airline has the potential to become a strong, well-established, and — as the numbers indicate — extremely profitable carrier, starting from now.

In reviewing the planned services to be offered by the proposed new airline, this plan will divide services into two main categories: passenger services and cargo services. Within each category, the service strategy, as well as general services to be offered, are presented and reviewed.

In comparing the proposed new airline to its competitors, there are at least two levels of comparison that must be considered; the usually lower-standard airlines, both scheduled and charter, flying out of the Southeastern European region, and the higher-standard, more highly regarded airlines operating out of Western Europe.

Beating the former source of competition is both a reasonable and an essential goal. But comparing favorably, and even standing notably above, the latter also is an important objective since these airlines will represent direct competition to the new airline on many of its projected key routes, despite airlines business plan to avoid such competition to the extent feasible.

Fortunately, several of the key distinguishing characteristics planned for the new carrier not only will enable it to fare extremely well in both levels of competitive comparison, airlines business plan, but will actually be achievable at a savings in cost and resources.

In other words, by being smart, the new airline can be significantly better than its competition while at the same time accruing lower overall costs, a remarkably good combination. In comparing the proposed new carrier to both its Southeastern European and its Western European competition, it is important to look at those factors that determine how most travelers choose an airline.

They include the following and the order of importance is different for each traveler and each situation, but the airlines business plan important factors are listed :. Both in the overall design of the airline and its basic operational features, airlines business plan, as well as in its management, quality control, and day-to-day operations, the proposed airline is expected to stand out positively in almost every regard. Competition with Southeastern European carriers While not all Southeastern European carriers fit the stereotype presented here, and several are in the process of privatization and ostensible upgrading, most do operate at a lower level of service than is customary in Western Europe.

It is not uncommon for carriers in the region to operate older Soviet-built equipment perceived to be less comfortable, less safe, and less reliable than its Western competition — perceptions that often are accurate, airlines business plan. In some cases, these aircraft are turbo-prop powered, and not pure jet. While often it is relatively inexpensive to lease such aircraft, their operating costs tend to be significantly higher than newer, more fuel-efficient Western-built aircraft, and their safety, reliability, and noise factors are often poor, in some cases limiting their ability to operate in some markets.

Service levels are poor in general, among both scheduled and charter carriers, which represent a significant part of the market, particularly in service to Kosovo and Turkey, airlines business plan, the airlines business plan niche markets identified for the new carrier. By airlines business plan modern, safe, airlines business plan, reliable, and cost-effective Western-built regional jet aircraft, the proposed new airline will offer a far more attractive alternative to the traveler both from within and outside Southeast Europe, and will be able to operate with far lower fuel and maintenance costs than the competition.

Greater reliability and punctuality of the aircraft, augmented by state-of-the-art navigational devices that permit operation under a wider range of weather and visibility conditions, will enable the airline to compete most favorably on those bases also, and will ensure the least likelihood of flight cancellations, postponements, and missed or late connections. On the basis of fares, the new airline will offer highly competitive fares which, in many cases, should be below airlines business plan offered by its Southeastern European competition.

Higher load factors, combined with greater efficiency both in operational costs as well as in reservations, ticketing, and check-in, will enable the new airline to be highly competitive from both a cost and a quality perspective, and will also enable it to retain a higher percentage of its revenues. Finally, airlines business plan, the new carrier will be seeking out, airlines business plan, as part of its business and marketing strategies, routes and city pairs that offer unserved or under-served demand, airlines business plan.

That strategy also will help reduce the threat from competition, and will enable the carrier to further establish itself as the carrier of choice in Southeast Europe. Competition with Western European carriers The competitive picture is somewhat different when Western European carriers represent the competition.

In most cases, the new airline will be competing with other carriers operating aircraft of a similar nature. Safety, comfort, convenience, and reliability, as well as in many cases cost, all are on a similar footing. To stand out from the crowd, the airline must do things either differently or better, or both, than its competitors, and it is here that both the design and the management of the new airline must be at their sharpest. The advantages of these technologies include a net cost saving to the airline, greater convenience and ease for the passenger, airlines business plan, and an image and reputation that will cause the new airline to stand out from the airlines business plan. Requirements for interline arrangements In order for the new airline to be able to obtain the interline arrangements such as code-shares, interline fare agreements, frequent-flyer mileage sharing, and so forth, that will be so important to its competitive posture and overall success, it must:.

Meeting these requirements, and negotiating the desired agreements, will be priorities from the outset in setting up the new airline. Aircraft selection Several potential fleet aircraft and manufacturing sources are being considered and evaluated, including the following:, airlines business plan. With the exception of the turboprops ATR72 and the Saaball aircraft under consideration are pure jets.

A number of key factors have mitigated toward the BAe Avro RJ family of regional jets rising toward the top of the list as the probable aircraft of choice for the new airline. Among those factors are the following:. Such options are commonly supported by manufacturers in their effort to market newer generation aircraft, and would enable the new airline to avoid any delays that might ensue from backups in the RJX build pipeline.

However, factors such as initial acquisition cost, refurbishing costs, operating and maintenance expenses, reliability, operating parameters, customer preference, and financing packages available for purchase or lease all must be considered. Airlines business plan purposes of the costing factors utilized in this business plan, acquisition and operating costs for dry-leasing new Avro RJ aircraft with a high-level of technical features and passenger amenities have been employed, with a cost comparison also made for purchasing the same aircraft.

Adjustments would need to be made for other aircraft types or ages and acquisition methods, airlines business plan. Aircraft acquisition Another issue still being evaluated and which will be decided is the question of how to acquire the aircraft.

The two remaining options both need to be examined from cost, flexibility, and finance points of view: Dry leasing the aircraft generally on a five-year leaseor outright purchase. Both provide long-term control over the aircraft, and while both options tend to restrict changes airlines business plan the fleet that might be preferred after the initial years of operation, market conditions and high demand for aircraft indicate that it would be relatively easy to be released from the leases, or to sell or lease the aircraft to new owners or operators, or to return them to their sources.

A number of leasing sources are available for the BAe Avro aircraft being considered, and some used aircraft also are available from time-to-time on the market from various sources.


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Business Plan: Ryanair in the United States. 2 Abstract: Traveling within the United States is extremely costly. Low-cost airlines suchas Southwest Airlines do exist but they do not provide the prices and efficiency that Ryanair, a United Kingdom based airline, does. Traveling. Important Airline Business Plan Questions to Answer. To write a convincing airline business plan and successfully launch your new airline, you must have confident answers to the following questions: What is the market demand for your new airline business? How will you prove the feasibility of your new airline?5/5(31). Airline Visions provides a comprehensive list of services ranging from “dream” stage to day one commercial operations and beyond. We manage the different phases of air carrier development including, but not limited to, the following: • Development of the airline business plan.