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This section traces the experiences of Jeremiah and the Jews left in Judah from the departure of the exiles for Babylon until the time of Jeremiah’s last prophecy in the land of Egypt. As long as he remained in Judah Jeremiah continued to counsel his people against fleeing to Egypt to escape the Babylonian yoke (). Bible outline of Jeremiah. See what it's about from the first verse to the last. Jeremiah Bible study outline—contents by chapter and verse. Prophet Jeremiah, God’s messages to Israel and Judah, prophecies about Babylon and other nations.

Outline of Jeremiah

Similar to other books of the prophets, the book of Jeremiah begins with a title or superscription. It is readily apparent that these verses were not written by the prophets themselves but are later additions by scribes or editors.

Nevertheless, they constitute some of the oldest commentary on the prophetic utterances; hence the information contained therein cannot be ignored. His name then would fittingly refer to the thunderbolts of divine truth the prophet was to deliver to an apostate nation, or just as appropriately describe the career of one hurled into the swirling vortex of one of the most catastrophic periods in the history of the ancient world.

Some have identified him as the priest by the same name who figured prominently in the discovery of the book of the law in the Temple during the reign of Josiah, outline of jeremiah, king of Judah see 2 Kingsbut the weight of evidence is against it. It is true, however, that Jeremiah was of a priestly family. Apathoth, his birthplace, outline of jeremiah, was a priestly city dating back to the time of Joshua Josh. Yet there is no evidence that Jeremiah ever filled the priestly office or followed the priestly tradition.

In fact he was often in opposition to, and opposed by, the priests of his day. Clearly then his perspective and spirit lay with the prophetic pattern and tradition. Perhaps the primary function of the title verses is to set forth a central note of the book: God speaks to men through men, The words of Jeremiah…to whom outline of jeremiah word of the Lord came v. Although Judah had three other kings during this interval, two of them, Jehoiahaz and Jehoiachin, are omitted here, probably because each reigned for only three months, hence were not considered outline of jeremiah of mention.

The word of the Lord that came to Jeremiah revealed to him that he had been chosen by God as his spokesman even before birth.

Immediately he was confronted with the immense demands of his calling. He was appointed a prophet to the nations v. Jeremiah felt completely inadequate for the task.

Two obstacles in particular seemed insurmountable: his lack of eloquence and his youth, I do not know how to speak, for I am only a youth v. First, there is a conviction of divine authority. It therefore demanded unquestioning obedience and the cessation of further controversy. As the previous verse 7 indicates the divine authority behind his going and his speaking, so this verse 8 guarantees the divine presence with outline of jeremiah in the discharge of his duties.

This will be true for with you I am to deliver you, declaration of Yahweh v. This communication of the word of the Lord in symbolic act was not so much to purify, as was true with Isaiah cf. It was an endowment meaning nothing less than the bestowal of the gift of prophecy. Following soon after his call or perhaps complementary to it God confirmed his word to Jeremiah by means of two visions, outline of jeremiah, a command, and a promise vv. The meaning of the vision is explained by God: I am watching wakeful over my word to perform it v.

Thus Jeremiah is assured that God is awake, alertly watching to see that his word is performed. The second vision, characterized by an ominous note, introduces the political implication of divine judgment — the kingdoms of the north whose identity is debatable. In this vision Jeremiah sees a boiling pot, facing away from the north v.

God then explains the significance of the vision. An enemy from the north will invade Judah vv. Traditionally this foe from the north, one of the most prominent themes in Jeremiah, has been identified with the Scythians, a nomadic people of somewhat mysterious origins. This view has no biblical and little reliable extra-biblical support, outline of jeremiah.

Since Judah was bounded on the east by desert and the west by water any invader, other than Egypt to the south, would come from the north cf. Jeremiah becomes painfully conscious of how his own people will react when such a message is delivered. Outline of jeremiah sensitive spirit recoils in horror, but a command from God fortifies him for what lies ahead.

But you, you shall gird up your loins, you shall arise and you shall speak to them all that I myself shall command you outline of jeremiah. Although the first three verbs are in the Hebrew imperfect, they have here the force of an imperative. The girding up of the loins is an oriental idiom meaning to prepare for action by gathering up the skirts of the flowing robe. This promise is repeated in three vivid metaphors: I make you…a fortified city, an iron pillar, and bronze walls… v, outline of jeremiah.

Like a fortified city the prophet will be kept secure; like an iron pillar he will be made strong, and like bronze walls he will be able to resist attack. But God promised the prophet more than strength for the battle. He also promised him deliverance in the midst of battle. They will fight against you; but they shall not prevail…for I am with you…to deliver you v, outline of jeremiah. This of course did not outline of jeremiah that Jeremiah would escape ridicule, suffering, and defeats.

It did encourage him to believe that in his darkest hours the Lord would be with him and empower him to accomplish his holy mission. This form is utilized in a unique way in where the lawsuit motif is predominant, outline of jeremiah. The setting is a courtroom. As both plaintiff outline of jeremiah prosecutor God takes Israel to court. God may also serve as judge. The prophet is the divinely-appointed messenger who speaks for the plaintiff Godas he announces the indictment against Israel.

God remembered the devotion of your youth, your love as a bride v. Using outline of jeremiah figure of marriage as did HoseaJeremiah recalls the early days at Sinai when Israel followed her husband Yahweh not for selfish advantage, but out of sincere outline of jeremiah and love. She had followed him while still in the wilderness, in a land not sown v. In those days outline of jeremiah was holy to the Lord v, outline of jeremiah. He begins the further indictment of all Israel with a probing question: What wrong did your fathers find in me…and became worthless v.

The question implies an emphatic negation. The fault is not with God but with Israel. They have become worthless because the object of their worship is worthless.

This was done to show that God had not broken his covenant with the people. It was they who had defiled my land outline of jeremiah. What Israel has done is amazing and without precedent. Go from the outline of jeremiah to the east and seek to find a nation that has changed gods, even though they are no gods vv. Yet Israel has exchanged her glory the presence of the true God for that which does not profit v. Though the gods the nations worshipped were no gods at all, their worshippers remained true to them.

Yet Israel who knew the true and only God had exchanged her worship of him for profitless idolatry. The nations are guilty of one evil, idolatry; Israel is guilty of two, outline of jeremiah, apostasy and idolatry. Jeremiah could not have made use of a more meaningful metaphor to picture the guilt of his people. In contrast cisterns were a common sight; at least one to every household where water was caught and stored.

But even the best, those of solid rock were subject to cracking and loss of contents, outline of jeremiah. If by constant care they retained the water collected from clay roofs and brackish soils, it often had the color of weak soapsuds, the taste of the earth or the stable, and sometimes contained worms.

Often in times of greatest need the cistern developed cracks and leaked itself dry. The metaphor then was a vivid way of telling people to whom water was so precious that they were committing suicide by leaving the living God and making their own impotent idols.

To leave a outline of jeremiah fountain and its fresh, sparkling waters for the stagnant water of a cracked cistern is unreasonable and beyond understanding. Such cisterns can never satisfy and will ultimately run dry. But a flowing fountain is ever present, and a gracious invitation is ever extended cf. John ; Isa. It begins with three pointed questions v. The answer to this third question is given in v. It is deep-rooted and of long standing, outline of jeremiah. This principle is graphically set forth by the use of seven figures of speech, outline of jeremiah, a quantity indicative of emphasis rather than repetition, outline of jeremiah.

The first figure is that of an ox which has broken its yoke and burst its bonds v. Israel, like a stubborn ox, had broken outline of jeremiah yoke covenant obligations placed upon her by the Lord. The second figure is that of an unfaithful wife who has forsaken her husband to commit adultery with numerous lovers v.

Israel, wedded to the Lord, had left him and was worshipping the Baals of the land upon every high hill and under every green tree v. The third figure is that of a choice vine which has become degenerate v.

From such seed it was unnatural for outline of jeremiah than good fruit to have been produced.

Just so it is abnormal for Israel to sin against God. The fourth figure is that outline of jeremiah an individual washing himself with lye and — much soap but failing to remove the s tain. Here Jeremiah introduces a central emphasis of his: cleansing from sin must come from within; soap outward ceremony and the like will not remove its stain.

The reference is to the valley of Hinnom located to the south of Jerusalem. There cultic prostitution may have been practice, and outline of jeremiah child sacrifice was definitely performed cf. The fifth figure is that of a restive young camel interlacing her tracks v. This is the picture of a young camel that outline of jeremiah separated from outline of jeremiah herd and is wandering aimlessly, crisscrossing her own path, with no definite pattern in her actions, outline of jeremiah.

Just so Israel, having forsaken her covenant God, rushes about in confusion, indecision, outline of jeremiah frustration in pursuit of false deities. The final figure is that of a thief who is caught in the act and is not permitted to keep what he has stolen but is overcome with shame v, outline of jeremiah. Moral shame is hardly meant here but rather a feeling of frustration, disappointment, even bitterness and despair.

Such will be the shame of all v. Yet when trouble comes they turn back to God and cry, save us v. There certainly are enough of them for as many as your cities are your gods, O Judah v.


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outline of jeremiah


Study Outline of Jeremiah This outline is based on the one given in Barclay’s 2 volume commentary on Jeremiah, rather THE DAILY STUDY BIBLE SERIES on the Old Testament that was added to Barclay’s earlier work on the New Testament. Robert Davidson is the author of the Jeremiah volumes, Professor of OT and Dean of the Faculty of Divinity at. Bible outline of Jeremiah. See what it's about from the first verse to the last. David Gross Page 1 OUTLINE OF JEREMIAH I. God Calls His Prophet, Jeremiah. () A. Jeremiah gives his personal information and background ().